Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Imparting Industry 4.0 skills – Need of the hour for Digital India

Budget 2019 The emphasis in budget 2019 on training youth for high-tech jobs in specialised areas like “AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), 3D printing, Big Data, VR (Virtual Reality), Robotics including language training” is a thoughtful proposal. These leading-edge skills belong to the fourth industrial revolution, currently in vogue. The budget categorize these...

How to change a Student’s Fixed Mindset into Growth Mindset?

Early childhood is the time when a child’s brain develops at the most accelerated pace. As the Central Nervous System develops in the first decade, it gathers information from its surrounding environment and gets conditioned. Children often acutely observe the behaviour of their parents, teachers, friends and acquaintances to determine the activities which are...

The Rise of Student Suicides in India – an epidemic?

Two periods in a student’s life prove crucial to them and the people they surround—examinations and results. Right from the beginning, parents and teachers play a part in putting students under tremendous pressure of performing well in academics and in entrance examinations—in order for their future to get better—so much so that they often...

No Shying with Selling

Introduction There is a significant apathy noted amongst the Management students towards selling whereas selling stands to be the most abundantly available job opportunity in the market as it is unarguably the entry point for the students willing to make their career in Marketing and Sales Management (alternatively used with the term...



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